Foot measurement instructions – ready-made sizes

Size guide – clik there

If the shoe will be sewn on the shoetree (ie the shoetree will fit your foot shape and size), I will need these measures:

Foot length – measured from the longest finger to the center of the heel

Toe joint circumference (TJC) – measured by a measuring tape at the widest point of the foot (usually at the point of the thumb joint) Measured at a standing foot

Instep circumference (IC) – measured upright – see photo 2.

Heel circumference (HC) – see photo 3.

Ankle circumference – + also mark the height from the ground in which you measured

Calf circumference – measured at the height of the shoes. ⦁ In the case of high boots repeat point 6 at a distance of 5 cm (for example – the boots will be 25 cm high – the circuits at 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm must be