Fashion accessories

1. LORA small handbag

tailored according to the AMA-ter cut

A small, practical, elegant bag interesting with its unconventional solution.

it is not just an ordinary leather handbag, it is completely reinforced with foam that is hidden between the lining and the leather, so it is soft and holds its shape nicely even when it is empty.

The handbag has 4 ways of wearing:

– Attaching the strap on the side – wearing on the shoulder or across the chest thanks to the adjustable length of the strap,

– fastening of the strap at the back of the eyelets,

– and then wearing it like a kidney belt around the waist.

There is one small pocket inside.


The upper is full leather,

lining: 100% linen


height: 19-20 cm

width: 19 cm

depth at the widest point: 9 cm